How To Choose From The Top 5 Attorneys In Beaverton, Oregon


A lot of people go through their entire lives and either never use and attorney, or only use one a couple of times. They may get divorced, have a will made, and then experience a death in the family, but never have to hire a big gun to get them out of trouble. Then, there are the other kinds of lawyers, when you’ve been in an accident and need to get compensated, you really have to have an expert to win in those cases. So, if you live in Washington county, Oregon, who are the top 5 attorneys in Beaverton, Oregon that you should look for?

You Should Always Go With An Expert Lawyer In The Field

You should never hire a divorce attorney to represent you in a personal injury case, the same with not using a corporate attorney to handle your divorce. Law is a very specialized occupation, similar to doctors, where you don’t have a brain surgeon diagnosing diseases in the jungle.

If you have been in an accident, that is most likely not your fault, you’ll want the top personal injury lawyer you can find. He’ll have accident investigators that he can call and have on the scene within hours to take extra photos, measurements, interview potential witnesses and line up the top court reporting companies.

Then, he’ll have expert medical professionals that you can visit which will have a better understanding of the long-term disability that may be involved in certain injuries. There will be chiropractors and physical therapists involved and all will need to be referred to your attorney so that you know they’ll testify in court as to the extent of your injuries.

When Getting Divorced, You’ll Only Want The Top Lawyer There Too

Sure, if you’ve only been married a few years, have no assets or children, then there isn’t much to be divided. You can each go your separate ways with a quick no-fault divorce. However, if there is real estate, cars, children, child support, a business, and other types of property to be divided, you’ll only want the best.

The last thing you’ll ever want to do is show up to the first hearing and run into a high profile divorce attorney representing the other side, while you brought the family attorney that wrote your will. Always assume the worst and be happy if you’re wrong.

There are a lot of small details that will end up making a big difference at the end of your divorce. One of those is the appraisal of the assets, which can be manipulated, one way or the other. The other majorĀ  problem will be the income assessments and monthly bills concerning the children. All of these can easily be exaggerated or artificially deflated in order to win a higher settlement for or against either side. An experienced divorce lawyer is wise to all of the tricks, and won’t let the other side take advantage.

Choosing From The Top 5 Attorneys in Beaverton, Oregon

You’ll find that most of the attorneys in Beaverton will be scattered around the Hillsboro courthouse since that is where the county seat is. You should extend your search to include the entire county to get the best.

Then check with your friends, family members, and neighbors to see if they’ve had a positive outcome in the same type of case as yours to see who they would recommend. Again, don’t accept the wrong specialty of lawyer for your case, it may be the biggest mistake you make in your entire life.

If you’re having trouble generating a list of names, talk to others you know in the same field. If you’ve been busted for a DUI, policemen are a good source, as are judges. If you’re having a real estate problem, talk to a real estate agent and find out who they recommend. Get a list of several names so that you can weed out those that don’t have what you’re looking for, or you just don’t like.

Then, get on the Internet and start looking up client reviews on independent review web sites to see how others in the same situation as you were taken care of. Read the good reviews and the bad, to get the best overall picture. Remember, not all cases are winnable, some people are guilty, at fault, or want too much, but the best overall picture is a good indication of what you can expect.

Once you’ve narrowed your list down to a few good prospects, set up appointments for an initial interview. Most attorneys will offer a free consultation to look at your case and give you an honest assessment. Take as much of the information that you have to them to read in order to get the most accurate response.

The bottom line is this, only choose from the best attorneys in Beaverton, Oregon, in the right specialty of law that your case requires. Do your due diligence online to narrow the names down. Then make appointments to get a gut feeling of how well they communicate, how confident they are of winning, and then pick one.

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